Murder Suspect Runs From Cops, Gets Tackled Off the Roof of Bystander’s Car

Everyone loves a happy ending. This video has one. Not for the suspect, mind you, who ran through oncoming traffic on the freeway like he was in a live action game of “Frogger.”

Still, the video footage was beautifully captured and shows just how well the police can handle a situation like this.

The incident happened on 1-75 in Detroit. The suspect, according to local media accounts, was wanted for murder and fleeing the officers who wanted him for that murder.

When the suspects car stopped, perhaps becasue of a flat, he hoofed it. He jumped a divider in the highway and ran head on into the oncoming traffic.

When a Chrysler Town and Country didn’t stop for him, he jumped on the hood, and then the roof.

The vehicle was immediately surrounded by irate cops, one of whom followed him up to the roof and relived his glory days on the old gridiron.

The tackle was nothing compared to the reception the suspect got once he fell to the ground. There, a whole host of cops were waiting to tell the man just how frustrated they were that he’d risked their lives and the lives of Detroit’s citizens during his flight from justice.

As of this writing, we still aren’t sure who the man may have murdered, or even what his name is. If those details come to light, we’ll update the story.