Motorcyclists banned from wearing helmets over TERRORISM CONCERNS

A trial that will ban all motorcyclists from wearing helmets over terrorism and security concerns will begin on 1st October 2017 in Essex.

According to a spokesperson from the Essex Counter Terrorism Unit, the measures are ‘regrettable but necessary’ as it is practically impossible for a motorcyclist to be identified on CCTV footage.

Southend News Network spoke to Jacqueline Bauer of Essex CTU to find out more about the idea.

She said: ‘Protecting the people of Essex against a terror attack is our number one priority, and it is simply impossible to identify a potential attacker when they are wearing a motorcycle helmet.’

‘With their face entirely covered, it leaves us very little to actually go on.’

‘Therefore, we have advised police throughout the county that they are authorised to issue a £100 fine and three points to any motorcyclists who are caught wearing helmets on our roads.’

‘Although we do not have the authority to take similar measures with various forms of religious clothing, we feel that this idea will still allow motorcyclists to drive safely as it will encourage them to stick to the speed limit or perhaps go even slower on roads like the A13 and the A127.’

In another development, it has also been confirmed that cyclists will need to ensure that the entirety of their face is visible at all times by only wearing helmets that do not stray past the front hairline.

This news will be welcomed in Chalkwell after a three-year-old on a Fisher Price tricycle went on a ‘rampage of destruction’ in March, taking out three postboxes, a Costa Express machine and the window of a Nisa supermarket.