Mongols MC and the Iron Order MC Banned From Colorado Motorcycle Expo

The Colorado Motorcycle Expo is one of the events bikers of Denver look up to every year. The expo started in 1978.

It had been organized for about 38 years without an incident.

Until 2016, that is. The expo, organized at the National Western Complex in Denver, was canceled in 2017. This was after the 2016 iteration didn’t go all too well. In attendance at the 2016 Colorado Motorcycle Expo were Iron Order MC and the Mongols MC, two one-percenter clubs which aren’t particularly fond of each other.

A fight broke out between members of the two clubs.
As other visitors strolled the expo, members of the two clubs got into a fight with guns and knives! Consequently, there arose complications for the next iteration of the expo, which was why it had to be cancelled.

The Expo entered into an agreement with the Complex.
As a result of the agreement, all sorts of weapons stand banned at the expo, and visitors will be screened for the same. Additionally, the Mongols MC and the Iron Order MC have been banned for attending the expo to be held in 2018.

Several Motorcycle Clubs weren’t very pleased with this.
These clubs have, consequently, boycotted the expo, and will be organizing their own event. This event will be organized at the Mile High Harley-Davidson dealership in Parker. The Sales Manager of the dealership, Sean Mayberry, said that he’s not expecting any trouble since the events held at Harley-Davidson dealerships are like going to church. It’s harrowed ground!


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