Man Sues BMW After Motorcycle Ride Gave Him ’20-Month Erection’

Not all BMW bikes are known particularly for their comfort levels. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why BMW lags in sales behind other major manufacturers. Uncomfortable seats being a cause for reduced sales is completely understandable.

People who do end up buying these bikes can often be found complaining about how the seats can be less than comfortable. The narrow “banana” seats have been known to cause the genitals of the rider lose feeling. And this is a problem experienced by men and women alike. But, Californian Henry Wolf is doing much more than just complain about it to a bunch of guys over a pack of cold ones.

Wolf filed a lawsuit against BMW as well as the company that makes these seats, Corbin-Pacific. Although that may seem like an overreaction, we can’t really blame the man. Wolf’s case isn’t the regular loss of feeling in his genitals. His case, in fact, is quite the opposite. After a four-hour trip, Wolf ended up with an erection. The erection went for a full 20 months.

Wolf puts down his situation as essentially a case of priapism. It is the condition where the patient suffers a persistent and generally painful erection, which lasts for quite long. This is the reason you’re advised to seek medical help if your erection hasn’t subsided since 4 hours.

Wolf is suing the companies for loss of wages, emotional distress, medical expenses, as well as ‘general damage’.