2018 Harley Davidson line-up leaked

Leaked information about the 2018 Harley-Davidson range shows that the Milwaukee-Eight engine is to spread across the entire Dyna and Softail lines next year.

Launched in the firm’s 2017 trike and Touring models, the Milwaukee-Eight is one of the biggest steps in Harley-Davidson engine history.

An all-new engine, it combines traditional elements like the 45-degree V-angle and pushrod valve actuation with modern technology.

It has four valves per cylinder and some ‘Twin-Cooled’ versions have water-cooled cylinder heads.

For the 2018 Harley-Davidson range there will be three sizes of Milwaukee-Eight. The basic version is a 92hp, 1746cc unit and its name, ‘107’, reflects its capacity in cubic inches.

There’s also an 1868cc, 101hp ‘114’ version and a 105hp, 1923cc ‘117’ derivative.
The bikes in the Dyna and Softail range currently use Harley’s Twin Cam V-twin in 1688cc ‘103’ or 1802cc ‘110’ form.

They will all switch to the new engines. Most will get the 107 version of the Milwaukee-Eight.

Bikes getting the Milwaukee-Eight will include the Breakout, Softail Deluxe, Fat Boy, Heritage Softail Classic, Low Rider, Softail Slim, Fat Boy, Street Bob and Fat Bob.
As well as spreading its new engine across the Softail and Dyna ranges, Harley will add to its ‘S-Series’ line up next year.

These will be higher-spec versions of various bikes. At the moment, Harley sells three ‘S-Series’ machines – the Low Rider S, Softail Slim S and Fat Boy S. Next year there will also be the Breakout S and Heritage Classic S.

These are expected to have the larger, 1868cc ‘114’ version of the Milwaukee-Eight. An additional new model, the Fat Bob 114, will also use the larger engine. It will be sold alongside the normal, 107cu in Fat Bob.

Having started business in 1903, 2018 also represents Harley’s 115th anniversary. As a result the firm will launch a range of Anniversary-branded models to celebrate. The range will include the Breakout S Anniversary, Fat Boy S Anniversary, Tri Glide Ultra Anniversary, Heritage Classic S Anniversary, CVO Ultra Limited Anniversary and Ultra Limited Anniversary.

There will also be two special versions of the Fat Boy S; the Anniversary V and Anniversary X. While we know the names of these bikes, we don’t have information on their specifications.

The CVO models will be the only versions with the largest, 117 cu in version of the Milwaukee-Eight.

Harley will probably officially reveal its 2018 range towards the end of August.