A brutal road rage scene features a man viciously beaten, a shot-gun, and now, an arrest

A college student who filmed a vicious road rage incident that showed one biker being kicked and beaten and a man wielding a shot gun, say he wants one thing — justice.

“I just want people to pay for their actions,” Camden Rader told NewsOK.

“Everyone thinks I’m trying to get some kind of fame or money out of this and… I don’t care. I just want the truth to come out.”

The students, from Oklahoma State University, were riding in Pawnee Country, OK., when Radar said the group was cut off by a truck and nearly caused an accident. The students chased down the driver, who the video shows getting out of his truck and pushing a student. The video shows the man brutally punching and kicking the student until he lays motionless on the ground.

While all of this unfolds, others show up to the scene, including a man who jumps out of a pickup with a shotgun.

The more than nine-minute long video is disturbing to watch.

Radar also told NewsOk that he tried to help his friend, but one of the men held a knife to his throat and threatened ti cut him Rader said he was afraid to file a police report because one of the men said he was a member of biker club Hell’s Angels.

But after he posted the video of the encounter on Facebook, it made its way to YouTube, where it caught the attention of authorities.

The man who allegedly had the knife, Paul Arnold Wiseley, 60, was subsequently arrested in suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. He posted $100,000 bail and was released from jail.

WARNING: The video contains graphic footage and profanity.