7 Ways to Prepare for Long Distance Riding

“If you Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail…” Check out our checklist before you head out for a lengthy ride.

Plan your Route
Knowing just where you’re going will give you an indicator of not just what you’ll need but how much you’ll need of that provision. Knowing exactly where you’re going will cut down on making U-turns and allowing you to plan out rest stops. Know your limits and prepare for a ride that you know you are capable of.

Inspect your Motorcycle
You now know that you’re ready for the ride but is your bike? Make sure to check your bike and take care of any lingering service before heading out onto the open road. While you are out you’ll also want to check your bike for any abnormal wear or tear that may have occurred. Also, consider the ride you have planned and outfit your bike with whatever you may need to make your trip as smooth as possible.

Pack Smart
Be sure to pack everything you will need along the way. A change of clothing, rain gear, snacks, and drinks may all come in handy. Oh and be sure you have some liquid cash on you – even in the modern age, not everyone will take a credit card.

Plan your Stops
To give yourself (and your butt) a rest, I would recommend planning a stop about every 100 miles. You can try to make your stops at interesting places such as local tourist attractions. Not only will your physical body and your heated engine thank you, but taking a break can prevent fatigue. One thing you don’t want is to fall asleep on the highway.

Ride with a Friend

If your significant other is on the bike with you, that’s cool because at least you’re not all alone on a long trip. But if another bike (or more than one) are riding with you, that’s even better. God forbid that you break down along the highway with no one else around, or you lose your wallet. There’s safety in numbers, and “a three braided cord is not easily broken.”

Drink Plenty of Water
It’s summer and it’s hot so wear sunscreen on exposed areas to prevent skin cancer. Remember that is of the utmost importance that you hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.Going through the symptoms of hydration while out on the road is not one to take lightly.

Enjoy the WHOLE trip
Don’t worry about getting there. Enjoy every moment of your trip. Remember, it’s not about the destination, but the JOURNEY…

Relax and enjoy the ride!