5 Reasons Biker Women Get Sexier with Age

Biker women, my favorite kind of women. If there’s one thing any man doesn’t love about a woman is that once they age, they start acting all tetchy, and aren’t sexy enough anymore. But, some women are different.

They age like wine, only getting better with time! And biker women are just that kind. And here are 5 reasons why!

1. They’re Confident!

As bikers get better with time and gain the confidence to be able to take just about anything the road has to throw at them, so do biker women. They’re more confident than your average Jane Doe, and that just makes them a whole lot sexier!

Any biker knows that riding those two wheels over long tours teaches you things very few other things in life do! One of the many learnings of these travels is the one that teaches a rider to be independent, to be able to deal with their problems on their own. And biker women are as independent as they ever come!

2. They’re independent.

Seasoned biker babes are independent. You’ll never find them attached to your hip, and nothing turns them off more than you trying to fix yourself to theirs. They can get along just fine with or without you. If you can handle that, you’re in for a good time.

3. They’re assertive.

They won’t waste time all confused in deciding where to go and what to do. They already know it, and they aren’t afraid to say that! This makes them generally assertive in character, which is just so damn sexy in a woman!

4. They Have Experience

For a lot of us bikers, riding is all about experiences. And if you ride enough, you have plenty of it! Biker women are no different when it comes to this front!

5. They’re Adventurous

While most men chicken out and stay back like pussies never mounting the two wheels for it’s too “dangerous” these strong adventurous women mount the bikes and lead on their journeys of adventure. What more could you want in a woman?

What are some of the other reasons you love biker women? Share with us in the comments section below.


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