5 Most Popular Motorcycle Myths and Superstitions Examined

Motorcyclists are a bunch of people who face a lot of stereotypes about them.

In fact, the entire motorcycling culture is ridden with a lot of stereotypes, myths, superstitions, and what not. A lot of it stuff that non-riders think is true, but just about every rider knows isn’t. And then, there’s stuff most people don’t know is just a myth. Not even the bikers themselves. Today, we take a look at some really popular ones of both these kinds.

1. It’s bad luck to drop the helmet

It doesn’t matter how or from what height. The saying just goes like, “As goes your helmet, so goes your head”. Frankly the most frightening thought for any motorcyclist. Now some people may put reason to it saying that the helmet loses its strength and is now rendered incapable to protect your precious head. Well, that may be true, if you drop it from the second floor on some tarmac. But as long as it’s just a drop from your hand, you really don’t need to get a new one.

2. Blessing Of The Bikes

Many towns hold annual ceremonies, where they bless motorcycles. This is generally done in the summer, before the start of the riding season. Well, this is just as effective as prayer. If you have faith, it can work wonders for you. If not, it’s just a ritual with no real benefit.

3. Guardians Bells to ward off evil

These are generally small metal balls attached to the bike. The constant ringing is supposed to drive the evil spirits crazy and have them fall off. Some bikers also attach a bell to their left swing-arm as an ode to a fallen biker buddy!

4. Green Motorcycles are bad luck

Somebody really needs to call Kawasaki with this. The origins probably lies in the fact that a lot of messengers died during WWII on motorcycles painted military green.

5. Riding with rear pegs down

As it goes, the rear pegs are supposed to be down only if somebody is riding pillion. It’s believed that if your pegs are down and no pillion to use them, it’s just you inviting motorcycle gremlins to take a place alongside you.