The 10 Different Types Of Bikers You’ll Come Across On The Road!

Motorcyclists around the world are a big bunch of single brethren. There’s some automatic bond between two people riding a motorcycle. Maybe it’s the mutual recognition of the great time we have while riding our machines. Every motorcyclist enjoys their ride in their own special way, and here’s a broad break-up of the different kind of motorcyclist brothers you’ll come across…

1. The Quitters

There are forced quitters and there are voluntary quitters. Former are the ones who put out ads of their motorcycles on Craigslist saying, “Wifey says you can’t have it anymore”. The latter are the ones who just are not able to appreciate the sheer joy of motorcycling over the risks involved.

2. The Newbies

They’re both cute and frustrating at the same time. We’ve all been there where they are. And we empathize with their lack of knowhow and skill. But, that’s exactly what can be annoying about them many times.

3. The Serious Commuters

These are the guys who can move houses on their motorcycles. They’ll have just about every piece of safety gear there is to buy. And, just as an extensive collection of luggage. They’re generally seen on sport tourers, with BMWs being a popular favorite!

4. The Adventurous Ones

These are the guys who give an evil laugh when a city rider says he’s been riding. For them, “real riding” is out in the unknown. Visiting places people don’t think can be seen with a motorcycle!

5. The DIY Guys

The MacGyvers of the lot. These guys laugh at the bikers who call changing oil and filters as fixing their bikes. Don’t be surprised if they have a dealer computer for their bike. The extreme ones can be seen riding their own custom builds!

6. The Die-hard Harley Fans

These are the guys who swear by their Harleys, no matter what. For them, there’s nothing as beautiful as the marvels of American heritage their beloved brand makes. Within this sect, there are several sub-sects, like the Sportster Fans, the Twin Fans, and the V-Rod Fans. The purists of the sect however disregard the V-Rod fans are true Harley die-hards.

7. The Anglophiles

They prefer their bikes like they prefer their tea. British, that is. While we all admire the British vintage, it’s hard to justify them in today’s age. Modern Triumphs aren’t what they call British. It’s the BSAs, Nortons, and Triumphs of the 50’s and 60’s you’ll see them ride!

8. The Moto Guzzi Enthusiasts

These are the guys who think that you aren’t a true biker if you haven’t owned one of these. They’re generally a mix of the serious commuters and the DIY guys.

9. The Posers

These are the guys who spend most of their free time talking about bikes and buying “biking” stuff. However, they are as big a disappointment as their collection of biking gear is. Why, you ask?! Because, talking is all they do. Check their odos, and you’d be appalled at the low miles their rides have.

10. The Squids

These are those members of the biker brotherhood we can rather do without. If there’s a biker out there giving us all a bad name, he’s generally a squid. Riding technique and skill isn’t something they have given much of a thought to. Their ride of choice is generally a 4-cylinder Japanese sports bike with a helmet strapped at the back, just in case a hot girl wants a ride!

If we missed any, do let us know in the Comments’ Section below!